The Gables at Elm Tree opens 2nd phase

Alden Homes to build an additional 31 single-family homes, four villas in its modern cottage-style community in Mount Joy

When Alden Homes introduced The Gables at Elm Tree over two years ago, the goal was to give Lancaster County something it had never seen before.
The community of modern cottage-style homes just off Route 283 in Mount Joy is designed to reflect smaller and smarter living, with an emphasis on form, function and features rather than square footage.
The idea of living larger in a smaller space has appealed to everyone from millennials to retirees, and Alden Homes has now launched Phase 2 of The Gables so more homebuyers can do just that.
Like Phase 1, Phase 2 will feature homes in bright, unique colors with intriguing architectural angles and numerous smart features — both in technology and space-saving design.
All homes at The Gables include Signature Custom Cabinetry and a package of wireless remote features by Lutron Electronics. Buyers can choose a certain number of functions to control remotely, such as turning on lights, a gas fireplace or air conditioning, unlocking a door or having a fan turn on automatically when you enter the bathroom.
When it comes to smart space design, Bill Martin, architectural designer and new homes consultant for Alden Homes, and Liz Borg, interior designer and director of sales, have incorporated everything from a floating desk under an open staircase to a built-in dog crate into the homes.
Entering Phase 2, Martin and Borg do not intend to rest on their laurels.
“We’re not stuck in a rut,” Martin says. “We’re always trying to outdo the last thing, to make our plans better and more relevant. We’re always evolving.”
Or as Borg puts it: “We don’t want to follow the trends; we want to set them.”
To that end, Alden Homes will be introducing a new model home and floor plan — The Edward — in The Gables’ second phase this April. It will also appear on this summer’s Parade of Homes.
“It’s something that no one has ever seen before,” Martin says.
Another addition to Alden’s modern-cottage repertoire, The Edward will feature first-floor living and an expandable design that will give buyers numerous options for second-floor space — all without changing the home’s footprint or architectural intrigue. Buyers can opt for anything from an unfinished storage area to an additional two to three bedrooms. They can even rough in second-floor rooms to be finished sometime down the road.
“It offers a lot of options for people who might be growing a family,” Martin says. “A family could buy this home and grow with it.
“I’m probably more excited about building this new Edward than any home we’ve done.”
Phase 2 of The Gables will include 31 single-family homes and four attached villa units. Incentives are now available for the first five buyers in the new phase.
A few lots also remain in Phase 1.
For those who want to enjoy the smaller and smarter lifestyle sooner, there are three move-in-ready homes available in Phase 1: two villas and a single-family home.
Additionally, three more villas are framed up and awaiting customization.
All homes in The Gables are fully customizable, and Borg and Martin readily admit that’s the favorite part of their job — even if it means taking whiteout to a floor plan and starting from scratch.
“People love to personalize their kitchen,” Borg says.
Maybe it’s drawers that light up when they’re opened. Or flip-up cabinet doors. Or deep drawers designed to store dishes or corral a collection of plastic storage containers.
“The huge kitchen is sort of a thing of the past,” Borg says.
Now it’s all about optimizing space.
Borg and Martin will happily sit down with a potential buyer, develop a personalized design and an estimated sale price without any financial commitment.
“We brought the fun back into the homebuying experience,” Martin says. “That’s really our goal.”
The model home at The Gables at Elm Tree is open every Saturday and Sunday from 1 to 4 p.m. or by appointment any time.
Prices start around the $240s for a villa and the upper $250s for a single-family home.
For more information, call 717-376-1199.
Directions to The Gables at Elm Tree: From Route 283, take the Mount Joy exit and turn onto Route 772 West. Turn left on Strickler Road, right on Cornerstone Drive, then right on Willow Creek Drive