Enjoy the home you love without the worry

SmartLife VIA Willow Valley offers the security of continuing care right in your own home

The history of our lives can often be recalled by where or with whom we were living at a given time. Most of us start off living with our parents, and then perhaps in a tiny dorm room, or at that first apartment that brought us immense joy, but which we quickly outgrew as years went by. Finally, there was the glorious day when we moved into our own first home. We remember exactly where we were in that chapter of our lives and what we were feeling.
Alan Wyand and Bob Shoener of Lancaster know these stages very well. They say they can look back on their lives and see how one life chapter evolved to another, and then another. Often, as the chapters of their lives unfolded, so did the place they called home.
In their current chapter, the couple, both retired, have downsized from their large five-bedroom, five-bathroom home on nearly 3 acres of land in the country, to a beautiful condominium in downtown Lancaster.
After retirement, Bob and Alan found they were spending a great deal of time in downtown Lancaster experiencing all that the city has to offer: the restaurants, theaters, and the time with their ever-growing social network of friends. Each soon came to the same conclusion: They wanted to live closer to all of the things that this new chapter of their lives had grown to include.
Bob and Alan purchased their condominium pre-construction, which enabled them to design it exactly the way they wanted. For two years they worked with a designer with the priority of showcasing their vast artwork and photography collections.
Yet, there was something else Bob and Alan took the time to consider: planning for the possibility of additional care being needed in the future. They were delighted with their current home and lifestyle and didn’t want it to change, but without the safety net of living in a senior living community or having family nearby that they could depend on, they started researching other solutions to be ready in the event they would need additional care.
Bob and Alan discovered SmartLife VIA Willow Valley, Lancaster County’s only Lifecare at Home program. They learned that SmartLife would give them the benefits of a senior living community, without having to move from the home and lifestyle they created and loved. SmartLife VIA Willow Valley is a membership-based program that provides coordinated and accessible care when needed, while protecting assets, thus allowing Bob and Alan to plan for and help safeguard their future.
SmartLife VIA Willow Valley is different from other long-term care options because it offers many other benefits and services. When choosing SmartLife for future long-term care needs, each member is assigned a personal Lifecare Coordinator who arranges for care when needed. An emergency response system is available, and transportation and meals can be provided during a short-term illness.
SmartLife shares the same reputation for excellence as Willow Valley Communities, which makes its community-based wellness programs and social activities available to members. SmartLife VIA Willow Valley focuses on a lifestyle aimed at achieving overall wellness and peace of mind, while providing a lifetime of financial protection.
SmartLife members Bob and Alan have enjoyed every stage of life — and every stage of homeownership. Their home in downtown Lancaster has a lovely view that Bob describes as, “a beautiful panorama of Lancaster.” And with SmartLife, they have the assurance that if their care needs change, they can remain in their home and continue to enjoy the view.