Live smaller and smarter, pursue passions in 2019

Willow Valley Communities offers boomers many amenities, security of Lifecare

For many, by now most New Year’s resolutions have lost their spark. The big goals of losing weight, getting in shape, and organizing finances and possessions have for the most part, fallen by the wayside.

But not for baby boomers. When it comes to resolutions regarding plans for relocation, real estate and retirement, many baby boomers — those born between 1946 and 1964 — have seen the start of 2019 as an opportunity to explore an entirely new way of life. They see the new year as the perfect time to reflect and consider the where, as well as the how, of their future living situations.

Will this be the year to retire? Downsize? Move? What is the plan for the future? Boomers today can expect to live longer and in much better health than ever before, and they are discovering they don’t want to spend their time working on maintaining a big house filled with many possessions. They find that now, more than ever, they would much rather spend their time pursuing passions and creating memories from experiences with those they love. But they must also protect the assets they worked so hard for.

With all this to consider, the new year is the perfect time for boomers to resolve to make some life changes — and stick to them. Getting rid of the bloated space and extra clutter in their homes means freeing themselves to engage more fully in this time of life — with a goal of pursuing passions in retirement, without worrying about the future.

Many residents of Willow Valley Communities, a premier 55-plus senior living community in Lancaster, have enthusiastically embraced this mindset with the added security of Lifecare. Lifecare is a unique and financially smart type of contract that means there are no additional fees if personal care, skilled nursing care or memory support is needed later.

Willow Valley Communities is the only exclusively Lifecare community in Lancaster County and strikingly different from other communities that often charge a daily rate which can quickly deplete assets. Willow Valley Communities doesn’t raise fees if an increased level of care is needed later. Because fees are more predictable, there are no surprising additional costs for additional care in the future. Willow Valley Communities offers peace of mind and greater long-term security for hard-earned assets, making it a wise investment for Lancaster area boomers and their families.

In addition to the peace of mind of Lifecare, monthly fees at Willow Valley Communities also cover a long list of current household and lifestyle expenses: a maintenance-free home with 24-hour security, a flexible dining plan, amenities, activities, classes and fitness programs.

Across two stunning campuses, Willow Valley Communities offers an 80,000-square-foot Cultural Center with fitness and aquatics centers, day spa, art gallery, and 500-seat performing arts theater, plus a 30,000-square-foot Clubhouse that boasts a bowling alley, vintage arcade, outdoor pool and tennis courts that a visiting family can also enjoy. Residents enjoy 11 dining venues featuring locally sourced ingredients. More than 100 clubs, art studios, woodworking shops, gardening plots, stocked fishing ponds and model railroad platforms are available for those who want to follow their passion or find a new one.

Award-winning Willow Valley Communities, with its beautiful and smart living spaces surrounded by lovely common areas and amenities, plus stimulating activities and programs, gives boomers the opportunity to stick with their new year’s resolutions to live more intentionally and more purposefully. They have the freedom to pursue passions and be more present with those they love, all with the financial security and peace of mind of Lifecare. And, Willow Valley Communities is the only exclusively Lifecare community in Lancaster County.

This year can be the year that baby boomers’ New Year’s resolutions actually stick. Hundreds of Lancaster neighbors have already discovered that Willow Valley Communities is simply a wise investment, financially and personally.

A wide range of maintenance-free options at Willow Valley Communities are able to meet individual needs for just about everyone.

Call Willow Valley Communities to find out more and consider your personalized visit. Be sure to ask about their Lifecare difference. | 717-464-6800