Real estate in retirement: Don’t leave it up to chance

SmartLife VIA Willow Valley offers members the best of both worlds

Serendipity is the word Ron and Densey Juvonen use to describe their 56 years of married life together. They’ve always been open to whatever life has presented to them and where it has taken them. They have always happily embraced the changes in their lives that have necessitated moving to a new area. Things for them seem to have always just fallen into place.

The Juvonens both come from rural areas: Densey from New Jersey and Ron from Massachusetts. They met in Boston while Ron was attending Harvard and Densey was attending Boston University. Ron started a successful investment business and Densey worked in Pennsylvania politics. Throughout their developing careers they lived in several areas, including New York City, Boston, and Lancaster County.

They’ve always enjoyed experiencing different ways of life and activities in those different places. They’ve tried horseback riding, polo, and even fox hunting. And now, in retirement, they are enjoying their return to a rural life in Lancaster. And, as it always has happened throughout their lives, it occurred through serendipty.

It was seven years ago that the couple was invited by their daughter and son-in-law to move to a home on their property in Lancaster. Located on the shores of the Conestoga River, the two homes make up what was originally an 1870s inn. The grounds and the view are breathtaking. But, being so close to their family, including their two granddaughters, makes it even more perfect for the Juvonens. “It’s like our own little compound,” they agreed.

Though their home is in a beautiful, country setting, it is only about five miles from downtown Lancaster city. To the Juvonens, this is one of the home’s best features. “We love Lancaster,” Densey says. “The Fulton, the restaurants — everything.”

While the Juvonens found their dream home, in their dream location, for their dream retirement by chance, they did not want to take a chance with their future. They wanted a secure plan just in case they would need supportive care at some point. “No one dodges that bullet,” Densey said.

For the Juvonens, that secure plan needed to allow them to remain in their own home. So the Juvonens joined SmartLife VIA Willow Valley. SmartLife is a true Life Plan at Home program serving Lancaster, Lebanon, Dauphin, and Cumberland counties. It is an innovative, membership-based plan that gives the security of a continuing care senior living community, but in the member’s own home.

SmartLife enables seniors to continue their current lifestyle in their home, with the security of knowing they are covered if additional care is ever needed. Families’ assets are protected with Lifecare, as monthly fees are not increased due to a member’s need for an increased level of care.

SmartLife utilizes Lifecare Coordinators who advocate for the program’s members and arrange for care when needed. An emergency response system is available, and transportation and meals can also be provided during a short-term illness, rather than spouses or other family members having to arrange for them. Additionally, with SmartLife, the time frame of care is unlimited.

SmartLife shares the same reputation for excellence as Willow Valley Communities, a nationally recognized, premier senior living Lifecare community with a 35-year history of financial stability.

The Juvonens were aware of this reputation and appreciate that as SmartLife members, they have access to many of Willow Valley Communities’ wellness programs and social activities. They’re there almost every day enjoying classes at the fitness center and Ron participates in the golfing group. “People are so friendly at Willow Valley Communities,” they said.

The Juvonens both agree that they have the best of both worlds: a beautiful home close to family in an area they love, along with the rock-solid security of SmartLife VIA Willow Valley. And that’s something that should never be left up to chance.

For more information about how SmartLife VIA Willow Valley can provide security and peace of mind, get the facts at one of their upcoming information sessions.

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